Saturday, July 31, 2010

Quotes on Grief Work

Our grief work is not really complete until we have found some meaning in our grief. It is true that our emotions need healing, but so does our belief system or theology.
H. Norman Wright, Recovering from the Losses of Life

To regard grief as somehow unworthy of a Christian who believes in the resurrection is to forget the example of Christ who was so often "moved with compassion," who wept at his loss of Lazarus and prayed the longer in his agony. We cannot short-circuit human processes; we have to give the experience time to come home to us before it can become a motive for hope and a promise of fuller life . …Grief is only unchristian if it is wholly self-centered or if we never emerge from it.

Maria Boulding, Prayer: Our Journey Home

It is impossible for one to live without tears who considers things exactly as they are.
Gregory of Nyssa, De Beatitudine

The principle is simple: when words are most empty, tears are most apt.
Max Lucado, No Wonder They Call Him the Savior

And who's to say which is more incredible—a man who raises the dead … or a God who weeps?
Ken Gire on Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, Incredible Moments with the Savior

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