Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jesus in the Bible


Genesis – Christ is the Creator
Exodus – Christ is the Deliverer
Leviticus – Christ is the Law-giver – revealing the righteousness of God
Numbers – Christ is the Passover Lamb -- the blood sacrifice to satisfy God’s justice
Deuteronomy – Christ is the Covenant keeper – the faithful one when we are not faithful

Joshua and Judges – Jesus is our Strong Deliverer protects and guides
Ruth – Jesus is our kind Relative
Samuel/Kings/Chronicles – Jesus is the ultimate King
Ezra & Nehemiah (one long story) – Jesus is the Great Rebuilder who puts things back together.
Esther -- Jesus is the Perfect Protector

Job – Christ is the ever-living Redeemer
Psalms – Christ is the Good Shepherd
Proverbs & Ecclesiastes – Christ is the Wisdom of the ages
Song of Songs – Jesus is the Lover of my Soul
Isaiah – Jesus is the Suffering Servant
Jeremiah – Christ is the Perfect Potter shaping and reshaping his people
Lamentatians – Christ is the One who hears our cry
Ezekiel – Christ is He who puts flesh on dry bones
Daniel – Christ shuts the Lion’s mouth
Hosea and Joel and Amos – Christ is the Perfectly Straight Line who shows us how crooked we are at times.
Obadiah and Jonah and Micah and Nahum – Christ is the God who always prefers repentance over revenge.
Habbakkuk & Zephaniah and Haggai– Christ is God who is mighty to save
Zechariah and Malachi – Christ is King of Zion – Ruler over all

Matthew -- we see Jesus as the King of Kings – Messiah of the Jews
Mark -- we see Jesus as the Great I am – God in the Flesh
Luke -- Jesus is the Son of Man – Friend of sinners
John -- Jesus is the Light of the World – The Word made Flesh
Acts -- Jesus is the Ascended Son of God – Empowerer of the Church

Romans – Jesus is the Righteousness of God
1 & 2 Corinthians – Jesus is Pure Love – the most excellent way
Galatians – Jesus is Source of Freedom – sets us truly free
Ephesians – Jesus is the Life Giver – makes us alive in God
Philippians – Jesus is the Joy-giver – rejoice in all circumstances
Colossians – Jesus is the Exact Image of the Invisible God
1 & 2 Thessalonians – Jesus is the Coming one – surprise us when he comes
1 & 2 Timothy -- Jesus is the Well-trained Athlete – who helps us fight to the very end
Titus & Philemon – Jesus is the Head of the Church – who keeps us together makes sure we win!
Hebrews – Jesus is the Great High Priest – who paid the perfect price for his people
In James – Jesus is our Practical Older Bother – who keeps it real
In 1 & 2 Peter – Jesus is the Holy One of God
In 1,2 & 3 John and Jude – Jesus is the Living Word
In Revelation -- Jesus is the Alpha and Omega – first and last – The Author and the Finisher of our Faith

This is a section from my teaching notes on the importance of the Bible. The list is a little rough but back when I first shared it so many people asked for it I decided to just post it the way it appeared. I hope it helps. I adapted this list from others I have heard across the years and one I found online. I should guess that about half of the material is original -- in that I didn't copy it from another source. But I am sure none of it is totally original - after all it is God's Word.


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  1. Aaron and Jeffery recorded a song called "He Is" which goes through all of the books of the Bible similar to this list. Thought you might like a link to it!