Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vintage Christmas

Vintage Christmas came to me a few weeks back as the theme for this year's Advent messages at Timberview. Then as I kept prayerfully working through a list of Biblical sub-themes and ideas it all came together. First something about the meaning of the classic carols. Maybe "It all started with a song". Then something about the fulfillment of the prophetic messages from the Old Testament. Maybe "Hear the Ancient Word." Another message - this time about understanding the meaning of various traditions - candles, stars, bells etc. How about "Understanding Timeless Traditions." But as I kept working on the themes they kept getting tighter and more succinct until it ended up: Vintage Christmas - Song Vintage Christmas - Word Vintage Christmas - Tradition Vintage Christmas - Light It is a wonderful thing to sense God's leadership in working through this kind of series. I can't wait to share it. GHT

Christmas Series 2012

This Sunday December 2 marks the beginning of Advent -- the four week long season leading up to Christmas Eve. The whole idea behind it is that we need about that long to get truly ready for Christmas. Not to do more shopping or decorating or whatever. No the time is intended for us to do more reflecting, and praying and settling our hearts and minds on God. So I'm always excited to see what God will do come this time of year. Who knows all the He has in store for us this Advent? I only know one thing for sure - it will be good!