Monday, July 12, 2010

Missoula Marathon: Mission Possible

Nancy and I went with Jared and Angela our son-in-law and daughter to Missoula Montana over the weekend. They ran in the Missoula Marathon. Which by the way has a nice website where you can plug in their names to a video link and watch them cross the finish line. They also ran with their good friend Daniel Liljenberg.

For me it was a pretty big deal because for one of the very first times in my life I took a Sunday off preaching at Timberview, the church I serve, so that I could support my kids in their personal endeavors. Of course most of the time we found ways to be supportive at times other than Sunday AM. After all teaching is for most people, the most visible part of what I do as a pastor. But when this came up and Angela and Jared trained so hard and so long -- and then asked if we would be their support team for the race -- we just couldn't say 'no'.

So not only did we all drive together to the "Best Overall Marathon" in the country. But I chauffeured them to the shuttle bus at 4:30AM so they could make the starting time of 6:00AM. Nancy and I got to show up along the 26.2 mile course, at three different places to cheer them both on. Then we got drive the worn our marathoners back to the hotel to recuperate when they were both feeling mucho pain.

So all in all, I'm convinced it was worth it. I still have a few guilt pangs about missing church yesterday -- but not enough to make me regret our decision to lovingly support our kids.

I guess the old saying is true: live and learn.

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