Monday, July 26, 2010

Amazing week at Arlington Beach

Nancy and I just completed the most amazing week at Arlington Beach Camp in Saskatchewan Canada. The list of reasons why it was so great is a long one. We reconnected with many of my Alexander clan relatives. That really was special. We also reconnected with great friends from both the Estevan church we served in the early '80s and the Lakeview Saskatoon congregation we served from the mid '80s to the mid '90s. I know if meant a lot to both of us to feel genuinely loved and accepted, despite our 15 year absence.

Then there was the ministry the Lord blessed us with. It seemed like the evening VBS: Grown Up Edition messages were particularly well suited to the moment. Who knew that a quite a few people with significant family issues would be so ministered to by the message about Joseph's Dreamcoat? Apparently God did. And it was very gratifying to sense the deep heartfelt response to my final message about Mephibosheth too. The response to the morning devotional time based on the Beatitudes was even better - if that's possible.

On top of all that was the very warm bond we felt between our own family members. We all missed Alex and his family tremendously, but God gave us several profound family moments with Jared and Angela. Of course it was also a rich blessing to see how much everyone at camp loved the ministry Angela added in music and Jared contributed playing bass, running sound and providing expert tech support. Like most parents...we love it when people love our kids.

Like I said, our trip was amazing!

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