Friday, July 2, 2010

Blog Redux

Pretty sure I accidentally deleted one of the longest running blogs on the internet -- Fully Devoted. At first I was shocked and disappointed -- not for long. Sometimes little things become too important.

So here we go again -- Fully Devoted is reborn as

Starting over means all the archives are gone. All the former followers are deleted. Everyone who is being 'pinged' has to redo the settings.

But hey. It's only a blog.

Welcome to fullydevotedone - the adventure begins again!


  1. Well, I'm disappointed a bit too.. I would go back and re-read your posts from oct. 2008 occasionally.. You had lots of good stuff there.

    But HEY! Fresh starts are GREAT too!! Although I notice I've been demoted off the blog list?

    But I think, unless you're moderating the comments,I"m first!!

  2. Yes you are first and the bloglist is still in process. Don't be in such a hurry!