Saturday, July 31, 2010

How to Pray for China


For peaceful, stable and honest government as China reforms its economic and social structures.

For Christian professionals to offer their skills for work and witness among Chinese intellectuals, the business community, and in both urban and rural areas.

For good Bible based teaching in the churches.

For the training of godly pastors. These men and women are often poorly paid and sacrifice much to lead their churches. As China develops rapidly, young people see the attractiveness of secular work and lifestyle. Pray that more young people will respond to the needs of the church.

For an end to persecution of house churches who refuse to register with the TSPM, and for the witness of those in prison.

For Hong Kong Christians to have a sensitive and significant influence in churches in southern China.

For witness among Christian minority peoples. Some groups such as the Lisu have large numbers of Christians; most have no viable church or no known Christians.

Radio broadcasts into China provide a valuable means of training leaders and evangelizing non-believers.

Give thanks for the great growth of the church.


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