Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Different Strokes

God's voice speaks to us each uniquely. What I think is going to connect powerfully for you because it was so profound for me -- may not. Like my last blog post quoting the recent Transforming Center article by Ruth Hayley Barton.

I figured it would ROCK your world. That the comments would blow up with deeply thankful responses. That the whole article would go viral on the internet - since I also posted the most salient section of it on Facebook.

But no.

So I just wanted to say -- it's OK that it didn't ROCK your world. But it sure ROCKED mine!


  1. Glenn - Actually, the Bungee-Jumping for the Soul really spoke to me, and is something that I did April 9, 2010, when I resigned my job, moved closer to family, gave up position and title, and started my "life's new adventures". I just had not seen it written so well as to what I did.

    Today, my adventures took me to a new church that reminded me of my first time at Crossroads 6 years ago. The music, the message, the realness, it was awesome! Have fun at camp!


  2. Tim - I am so glad you connected with this article -- it sounds like you really did experience a pretty significant "Bungee-jump". Good for you!