Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fight Fair!

Over the years I have been privileged to speak about healthy ways for families to hand conflict. I learned a huge amount on this topic 20 years ago from Chuck Swindoll's classic book: Strike the Original Match. His list of rules for fair family fights based on Ephesians Chapter 4 is one big reason my wife Nancy and I are still married.

Here's the list:

1 Keep it Honest -- don't play games or pretend
2 Keep it Under Control -- avoid 'deadly' words like never and always
3 Keep it Timed Right -- make appointments to work out disagreements
4 Keep it Positive -- try to inject something positive
5 Keep it Tactful -- watch your words and guard your tone
6 Keep it Private -- don't go public with family fights
7 Keep it Cleaned up -- when it's over let it go

Very good advice!

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