Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Semrau family letter

Dear Friends,

Naturally, we are disappointed with the verdict today. Our family has always believed that Rob did nothing wrong.

We put our faith in the military’s justice system and we would like to see that system also recognize Robert did nothing wrong.
We would like to thank Rob's military legal defense team, especially Lt. Col. Dugas and Major Turner, who worked so hard, and continue to work hard, for Rob.

And we would especially like to thank the thousands of people who have expressed their support for Rob and our family. Your calls, e-mails and postings on Rob's Facebook site were a tremendous comfort to us.

Rob's Court Martial won't be complete until sentencing next week, so we would like to ask for your continued support.

In time, our family will try to suitably express our gratitude to all of Rob's supporters, but we're afraid you may never know just how much your thoughts and prayers meant to us all.

Thank you,

The Semrau Family

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