Saturday, July 31, 2010

Meeting Pat Boone - 2004


So I get to the Detroit Metro Airport to check in for my flight China. This is the airport alternately known as Metro and Wayne County which I usually refer to as DTW. As we go through security I notice this older guy. He looks familiar. About 70ish -- wearing California Country Club casuals, And on his feet there are these spiffy off-white shoes. I think to myself -- "It can't be".

So I chickened out and didn't say anything.

Then he got on the escalator next to me and his bags slipped out of his hand and I can tell it startled him so that he almost lost his balance. Deja Vue for me since I did a similar thing in Seattle a while back and got pretty badly hurt.

So I say something about how tricky it can be on escalator with baggage and he chats back. Then I recognize the voice.

Are you --- Pat Boone?

"I am" he said -- and off we went down the concourse.

Pat says that three of his four daughters went to Christian colleges (as mine was then doing) and the fourth did OK without going to college -- Debbie that is.

I told him my wife would be thrilled to know I met Pat Boone but truth be told I was pretty happy about it myself!

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