Saturday, January 14, 2012

Timberview Week of Prayer - Saturday

Interesting how my intentions of blogging every day on this topic got waylaid by my mother-in-law's unexpected illness and temporary hospitalization. She is recovering nicely back home but it was a reminder of how uncertain life can be.

It is not time to start praying when trouble strikes. Better to be in an ongoing pattern of prayer. Prayed up - as they used to say.

So in my final installment for the week let me ask a few simple questions.

Do you have a TIME each day or at least most days when you usually pray?

Do you have a PLACE where you can get quiet and centered on God?

Do you have a PATTERN you like to use to help you focus your prayers?

Those are the basics. They really aren't rocket science and they really aren't negotiable either.

Press on!

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