Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday Rewind - Timberview

It was great to be back at Timberview and to observe our worship services in the capable hands of Pastor Chris Sloan. Titled "The Generational Bridge" the service featured a worship team with singers from Timberview's youth ministry "The Rock" led by our resident rocker Pete Kopplin. Pete and the team included a couple of new songs in the mix which added a fresh touch to the celebration.

Pastor Chris decided to use his third Sunday in charge of Sunday services to introduce a panel of two guys and a gal from the younger generation who answered a series of questions about contemporary culture, Christian spirituality, and the church, from a younger point of view. I found the three panelists both insightful and well-spoken. Way to go, Chase, Kelly and Bri. Nice job Chris!

Of course being back from a few weeks away also makes me that much more motivated to teach this coming Sunday. Like I often say -- I don't have to preach this coming Sunday -- I get to preach.


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