Friday, August 27, 2010

Project Runway Season 8 - My take

OK so I openly admit it -- I watch Project Runway. Of course owning up to that just proves that I am secure in my masculinity! Ha!

That being said -- I'm not really thrilled about the new 90 minute format. Too long. So I prefer DVRing the whole thing and then fast forwarding through the endless designer drama. Cassinova was too much last night! What a nutcase!

I really enjoyed reading New York Magazine's terrific review of this week's episode. Gretchen became the Evil Queen. (Hiss - boo.) Tim Gunn lost his temper and lit into her. (Yay)

Of course I too was YELLING at the TV when Gretchen kept on talking and talking and talking during the judge's questions. I also said they couldn't send her home yet because every reality TV show needs someone we can all hate. And I have also had enough of Ivy's self-important attitude and her blind allegiance to all things Gretchen. If Ivy doesn't nail it next week -- I think she goes home next.

We can wish can't we?

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