Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mighty Hazel McCallion of Mississauga

So a friend of mine here in Spokane posted a video clip on Facebook of an amazing Canadian politician. She is the Mayor or Mississauga, Ontario, she has been elected 11 times in a row and she is now 88 years young! Turns out I've met her: Hazel McCallion.

She was recently featured on a CBC show called the Rick Mercer Report.

I recall meeting her when she welcomed the Free Methodist Church in Canada to our national General Conference meeting in Mississauga. I think it was about 1993. She spoke at the large Sunday worship and she told a story about going to a church camp as a teenager and how it inspired her for the rest of her life.

Way to go Hazel!

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  1. I saw this a while ago. what a cool story!!