Friday, August 6, 2010

Hybels on Leadership

Christian leaders tend to do the following things well

1. Move from HERE to THERE

Leaders help churches move and grow and change. When we begin we tend to want to describe in glowing terms what it will be like when we get THERE.

When we talk excitedly about THERE some of our key early adopters will respond warmly to this vision-casting.

However sooner than we anticipate – others will respond telling us that they don’t really what to go THERE – because they really like it HERE.

HERE is not bad at all – it is comfortable – has been effective and is not very demanding. Why not just let us stay HERE.

Leadership Lesson #1 – ALWAYS help everyone see the downside of HERE – FIRST

Don’t worry about THERE until you have clearly demonstrated what is wrong with HERE

We are not here to Preside over a great HERE
We are not here to Protect things as they are HERE
We are called to MOVE from Here to There


Spend energy finding recruiting and training Fantastic leaders throughout your church/organization.

Fantastic People have the FOUR Cs

1 Character – are they solid deep strong growing Christ-followers
2 Competence – are they gifted and focused in ministry
3 Chemistry – do they have energy and connectivity with the rest of the team
4 Culture – will they feel at home with our leadership style and organizational values

Now think about each key leader – staff – board – volunteers:

Ask yourself -- if they suddenly resigned – how would you feel?

1. Relieved

2. Concerned

3. Destroyed

Call in every person who fits category #3 – those you would be devastated to lose and tell them so. Communicate your feelings – I value you and I treasure your input.

Tell us if anything is demotivating you so we can change it/fix it.

We NEVER want to lose you.


Along the way from HERE to THERE we tend to get stuck halfway

The middle third of the Marathon is the hardest – fun is over – end is not in sight

In the middle – your momentum can get broken

People lose their bearings and run out of steam.

SO -- Learn to celebrate along the way that way you refill the Vision Bucket

Make a commitment to celebrate every mile along the way to success

Data shows there is a 40% increase in the productivity of people who are INSPIRED

Bill's last point grows out of his new book on listening to quiet leadings from God along the way -- Whispers.

I found this session particularly helpful!


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