Friday, March 15, 2013


If you've followed my online pathway you know that years ago - many years ago I started a blog named Fully Devoted. About four years ago I accidentally deleted it and all the related archives. It was a painful loss. So I decided to reinvent it and press on. However like many others I soon became fascinated by and fixated on Facebook. Most of the things I would have blogged about ended up there and I didn't have the energy to post it all twice. So the blog faded and Facebook took over. Now however I may have a particular reason to blog again - we'll see. Since Nancy and I have announced that we are moving back to Michigan this summer to pastor a Free Methodist church it seems that some more thoughtful and personal commentary on life and ministry might be a good idea. So I'll fire up the blog again and see what happens. No promises. Just a fresh run at it.

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