Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vintage Christmas

Vintage Christmas came to me a few weeks back as the theme for this year's Advent messages at Timberview. Then as I kept prayerfully working through a list of Biblical sub-themes and ideas it all came together. First something about the meaning of the classic carols. Maybe "It all started with a song". Then something about the fulfillment of the prophetic messages from the Old Testament. Maybe "Hear the Ancient Word." Another message - this time about understanding the meaning of various traditions - candles, stars, bells etc. How about "Understanding Timeless Traditions." But as I kept working on the themes they kept getting tighter and more succinct until it ended up: Vintage Christmas - Song Vintage Christmas - Word Vintage Christmas - Tradition Vintage Christmas - Light It is a wonderful thing to sense God's leadership in working through this kind of series. I can't wait to share it. GHT

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