Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tilting at 23

We just returned from a quick trip to southern Michigan to visit our son Alex and his wife Becky and three of our four grandkids - Evan, Aaron and Ashlyn. They live in Kalamazoo which is surrounded by plenty of trees most of which are in the process of having their leaves turn bright yellow or red.

This turning of colors in the autumn is for me one of the strongest reminders of the changing of the seasons. Spring comes gently, summer arrives unannounced but autumn sends out this amazing calling card of riotous colors to let us know it has arrived.

It didn't have to be this way. Planet Earth could have been perfectly upright in its rotation. But our amazing creator God chose for it to be off-kilter. Canted just so that it creates what songwriter Chris Rices calls "our perfect 23."

I love that. The imperfection of our planets rotation creates the much loved changing of the seasons. How like our God to make something beautiful out of something off-kilter.

Love it!

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