Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Praying for Egypt

Here is part of a communication from a friend in Egypt:

Dear Brothers,
I hope this one finds you well. I do not know how I can describe the situation here in Egypt. I'm sure you have been watching the news about what's going on in Egypt right now. We had a horrible night, it was a battle beside were I live.

I don't know i'm still confused, many people have been killed from the Christian side. I am not quite sure of the number, and I do not know where all of that will end up all what I know we have giant God. So pray for us.

...Pray for our safety and for the country general. Asking the lord of peace to bring peace and healing.

I cannot say or quote more so as to protect the anonymity of the person involved. Please do not make any comment about who this might be.

Just pray!

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