Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Radical Challenge

This summer I read the book Radical by Dr. David Platt. It rocked my world! I was inspired again by the reality that Christianity just doesn't work at anything less than full devotion.

Whenever I am functioning at anything less than 'all out' in my walk with Christ - things start to fall apart. I get discouraged way too easily. I am distracted by 'lesser things'.

So I decided to digest the message of Radical a while before saying too much about it to the congregation I serve. Someone once warned me against Pastoral Spiritual Bulimia. PSB happens when I don't digest something God is feeding me but instead barf it up immediately on someone else. Yuck!

After about two months of thoughtful prayer I served up some Radical ideas on Sunday last. The positive response was very encouraging. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I was speaking out of a deep place inside and not just repeating someone else's good ideas. I think.

Upward and onward

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  1. Loved that book!! While reading it, I fluctuated between wanting to jump up and down on the couch shouting "Amen!"...to wanting to crawl under the couch cushions and weep with repentance....it was a roller coaster.