Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Online Prayer

Part of the Radical Challenge - is to deepen and strengthen your prayer life over the next 6 months. A key part of that is adopting the goal of having a regular daily prayer time at least 5 days a week.

Interestingly enough when I asked on my Facebook page for online prayer suggestions I got the response that if we found some that would not really be 'kosher' in a Christian kind of way - because they wouldn't be our prayers. Really?

One reason so many evangelical Christians find consistent fresh prayer times to be so difficult is that we have cut ourselves off from the historic practice of allowing the prayers of others to inspire and inform our prayers. Certainly we don't want to repeat rote prayers written by others and call it good. But neither do we want to ignore the incredible treasure trove of challenging inspiring prayers both from scripture and from the writings of exemplary Christians across the centuries.

So check these websites out and let me know what you think:

Operation World - Praying for every country in the world - one day at a time!

Global Prayer Digest - Praying for the Unreached People of the World.

The Divine Hours - Praying with the Historic Pattern of Morning Noon and Evening Prayers. (Nancy and I have used this for the past 4 years and love it!)

Sacred Space - Wonderful Celtic-based online prayers from Ireland

Upward and onward

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