Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Leading the Way Moving into Fall

Renew the Vision
Everyone is inspired by a compelling vision. Our vision to reach people far from God and invite them into a life-changing relationship with Jesus truly is compelling. Remember too that sometimes just persevering and moving forward in tough times has a certain power in it. God rewards our faithfulness.

Rally the Troops
Meet one-on-one and in clusters with key members of your team. Tell them how much you appreciate them and remind them of their importance in the success of our ministry together. Be sure to look them in the eye. Can I count on you to be part of the solution? While you are at it identify a few key next steps – upcoming key events etc. and clarify some long-term goals and priorities.

Face Reality
Leaders define reality. So what are your challenges? How will we adjust to limited finances? We’ll need more volunteers. We also know that we’ll need more pay as we go events. All churches lose some members, just as businesses lose customers but it’s their response to such trends that will build the future. My friend Doug Murren wrote "Remember God is in the giving back business. You just have to have faith and the character to get it back God’s way. Loss should challenge us to appreciate what we have, intend to serve more intentionally, and inspire us to climb another rung on the ladder to becoming who we are."

Feed Your Own Faith
Get alone with God and make sure your spirit stays strong. Am I up for the challenge personally? My calling doesn’t change if I am in tough times. If you lose your focus you will lose ground. Take the time to find all the resources you can through relationships, online help, books etc to keep your own faith fired up.

Upward and Onward!

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