Friday, August 5, 2011

Falling Forward

From Bishop David Roller's Blog

I had a great visual this morning. I was talking with a friend and he said something about an attempt he was making and how he might fall down in the attempt. I encouraged him to "fall forward," and then I saw it. Instead of walking forward or running forward, at the very least we can fall forward! That way, when we pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off, we will have advanced at least the length of our height.

Don't stand up where you fell down. Stand up where you landed! For me I'll advance at least 5 feet 7 inches every time I fall down. I may not get there as quickly as I want, but I'm gonna get there. Even if I have to fall all the way there.

To which I commented: "According to Professor Woergoetter, of the University of Gottingen, in Germany, in a recent study on how to teach a robot to walk like a human - he discovered that "About half of the time during a gait cycle we are not doing anything, just falling forward. We are propelling ourselves over and over again - like releasing a spring."
From an article on the BBC News Website.

Therefore to walk is to fall forward.


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