Friday, October 1, 2010

Just Pray -- Change Me

When you pray -- make your prayers focus on a changed life.

People who are learning to pray often get frustrated with prayer because it seems nothing ever changes. Maybe that’s because we aren’t praying for the right change. I’ve noticed that the vast majority of our prayers are for God to change our circumstances. Maybe God doesn’t want to change our circumstances. Maybe he wants to change us.

That doesn’t mean he won’t ever change our circumstances. I’ve seen God supply needs, open opportunities, and heal people in incredible ways. But I’ve also spent years praying for something that never changes. That should be my first clue that I may not be praying for the right thing.

It is important not to make prayer into a complaint session, when in reality it’s an incredible opportunity to gain the wisdom, direction, and power of the King of kings who rules all time and places.

Lord change me!

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